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BGSU Class of 1968 - 50th Class Reunion - September 12-16, 2018





Dear BG Class of '68 Graduate,


 It was June 9th, 1968, a record 94 degree day in Bowling Green, Ohio.  It might have been comfortable in the shade of the trees on one of those benches near Prout Chapel.  But, we were heading to the Stadium at 2PM-not a tree or shady spot in sight.  Uncomfortable, almost unbearable in a cap and gown for those not wearing shorts and t-shirt underneath,  but, were we glad to be doing what we were doing?  Absolutely!


 It was graduation day, and after four years of work (and fun), of coffee and conversations at the University Union, of whiffs from the ketchup factory permeating campus, of cold walks to class on blustery winter days, mud tugs, bed races, and countless hours hunched over a book in the Jerome Library, it was time to say hello to the outside world and goodbye to friends and classmates who had shared that special time.  Goodbye to  the pressures and deadlines of  all-nighters and term  papers, football games, romantic encounters, peace marches and protests, TO’s and the SBX, bars and burger joints, and movies at the Cla-Zel.  Hello to job searches and careers, to moving vans, marriage and families, to PTA meetings, little league baseball and thirty-year mortgages. Whoopee! Glad we all survived.


 Now,  50 years later, with our rough edges worn off in the rock tumbler of life, but our attitudes still positive and believing in a better world, it’s time to come together once again with enthusiasm and a lifetime of memories to re-connect with  friends and classmates.


 A group of 20 classmates has been busy under the guidance of Class of '68 President Edward Sewell planning a gathering that will run September 12th through the 16th in Bowling Green next year.  Whether you make it every day and all events or just one or two, we promise it will be well worth your time and effort!  Our goal is to bring as many class members as possible for a relaxed and enjoyable experience, reacquainting ourselves with each other and with the University campus we shared five decades ago.  It will be a time of great conversations and interesting explorations as we remember what we were and celebrate what our Alma Mater has become.


 Details, as well as a growing collection of photos, bios, thoughts, and memories will be available (some now and more soon) at the BG Class of '68 Website (  A dedicated Class of '68 Facebook page will offer you the chance to reach out and catch up with friends and classmates before the reunion.


 But we need your help!!  We have current contact information for only 40% of our roughly 2,200 classmates, and we want to encourage every classmate to attend.  We are asking you to reach out now via Facebook, email, phone, our Website, or USPS to your Class of '68 friends to make sure they receive this letter.  Encourage them to contact us, or pass along their contact information to you; so we can make sure they have a chance to join us September 12-16, 2018.


 It has been nearly a half-century since that hot day in 1968 when we said our goodbyes.  Each of us has wonderful BG memories and fascinating life stories.  Come join us under the blue Ohio sky, reflect upon those golden days on campus and make some new memories.


Signed, Your Class of 1968 50th Reunion Planning Committee



  1.  Be sure to send us your current contact information (address, email, phone, etc).   Use the methods below:
    1. Preferred--Enter our BGSU50 website by typing this into your browser (  Click on the CONTACT US icon on the Home Page, and enter your contact info into the form, and hit Subcribe.
    2. Or, send your current contact info via email to our Reunion committee at
  2. Help us get the word out to our Class of 1968 by forwarding this email to other classmates for whom you have an email address.
  3. Call a Classmate who doesn’t have Email, and inform them.  Get their permission for you to send us their current contact info, and email it to our Reunion committee at
  4. Join our Facebook Closed Group, which only our member classmates can see, by first being a member of Facebook, and then :
    1. Preferred---Enter our BGSU50 Website ( ), and look for the JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP form at the bottom of the Home Page, enter your name and email, and hit JOIN.  You will receive an invite to join from our 50th Group host.
    2. Or, email your interest in joining our Facebook BGSU50 Group to
  5. Stay informed about our 50th Reunion by checking our website dedicated to this Sept 12-16, 2018 one-of-a-kind event.   Enter the address into your browser ( ) or copy/paste it into your browser.
  6. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to help us plan our 50th Reunion, feel free to contact any of the Class of 1968 Reunion Planning Committee on the list that follows.
  7. Our 50th Reunion will be better if you are there in September, 2018.  Watch for Registration several months from now.  But, block the date on your calendar now!!





Please feel free to contact any of us with your ideas, comments, concerns and questions.   Additional ’68 Reunion volunteers are needed and most welcome.   The 50th is our Last Rodeo, so we are committed to a great experience for everyone from our class.


  • Edward Sewell       415-680-4927
  • Brian Dundon                         847-840-8521
  • John Shook               817-371-7430
  • Gay Lynn Walton                              949-433-1358
  • Bob Olive                                        770-713-2270
  • Judy Sommers                 419-668-8519
  • Allen Shinaberry          419-704-1963
  • Jeff Witjas                     310-888-4220
  • Bruce Fisher                     908-370-2442
  • Emil Ragones                     978-443-2943
  • Ron Moor                           952-929-1559
  • Bob Spence                                863-547-6714
  • Rex Bishop                     540-891-4685
  • Barb Sperry Hinton                  614-891-7814









 We are some of the June, 1964 Freshman Orientation kids who chose BG.    We are now older kids working together to get all of us together in September, 2018.


Our 50th Reunion will be importantly better if you are there!





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