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BGSU Class of 1968 - 50th Class Reunion - September 12-16, 2018

1968 BG Class Prepares for 50th Reunion


September 12-16, 2018 will be the date of our 50th Reunion.   You can guess the place:  Bowling Green State University and the surrounding town.  There will be many events you can choose to attend, or not to attend.


Take a peak at the Events Info block below to find out more about football,  classes,  meals,  campus tours,  music and more.  Exact events and times will not be available for  a while, but you can get a sense for the variety of fun that will be available.  The number one item on our list is providing lots of opportunity for our classmates to play conversational catchup.


Our Class of 1968 is already preparing to make our Last Reunion Rodeo a memorable one for all of us.   Some classmates have had regular visits to and activities at BG,  and some of us have had few or none.  This event in September 2018 is for everyone.

It is already 53 years since many of us were attending Freshman Orientation.   A lot has happened at BG since then.  A lot has happened in the lives of each and every classmate.


Our #1 Goal in planning this event is to let all members of the Class of 1968 know about the 50th Reunion,  and to get a large number of us to  attend.   Our #2 Goal is to ensure that all attendees have a wonderful life experience that week, and are able to add a new set of great memories to their life’s story.



Why the Early Notice of our BG 50th ?


An early planning group of your classmates, led by Edward Sewell, our Senior Class President,  have agreed with BG to announce our 50th now and to hold it on September 12-16, 2018.   The traditional time for a Reunion is on Homecoming weekend.



However, the TV football scheduling methods make it impossible for BG to set the date for Homecoming until Feb-Mar of the year in question.   And the exact time of that football game is not set until two weeks pre game.   That makes it too difficult for us to find all classmates, notify them, interest many, and ensure a well planned series of Reunion events.


We have decided to not wait on that late notice process, but to pick a date certain now.  September 12-16, 2018 is that date.  We have decided to start locating and notifying our Class of 1968 in June, 2017, and in the months that follow.   We believe our chances of locating the largest number of our classmates improves with this fifteen month headstart.   You can help us.  Look for the website section on how!


Our June, 2017 headstart on communicating our 50th includes several techniques:

  1. This Class of 1968 dedicated website, which will be updated periodically with new information.
  2. A Facebook  closed group event page that you can see by clicking on the link on this website.  More info on how you can join this group is provided here as well.
  3. An email has been sent to all of BG’s 1968 Contact list, as well as to email addresses our planning group has been able to obtain.
  4. BG will do a US Mail paper mailing on the 1968 50th Reunion this fall.






 We are some of the June, 1964 Freshman Orientation kids who chose BG.    We are now older kids working together to get all of us together in September, 2018.


Our 50th Reunion will be importantly better if you are there!





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